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Welcome to Mrs. Skwira's Physical Education Page!

P.E Lessons During 2020 School Closure  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: lindsey.skwira@ops.org. You can also follow me on Twitter @MrsSkwira  

I miss you all so much, but I am happy to connect with you here. Have some fun with P.E at home and include your family!!   Have a happy and healthy day!!


FIELD DAY ACTIVITIES!!! Have some FUN the last week of school. 

This year, OPENPhysED.org had created some activities for a National Virtual Field Day. 

Have some fun with these Field day at home activities. Choose as many as you want or do them all!  Have some fun and use whatever equipment you have around your house. 

Include (or challenge!) your brother, sister, or Mom and Dad!

Play outside everyday (ask your parents first)! We should try for 60 minutes of activity each and every day. 

Field Day 1.docx

Field Day 2.docx



Check out the May Brain Break calendar below for some extra movement!

May 2020.docx