Harrison Band Announcements

The Northwest Area Concert is quickly approaching! Selected band students will be traveling by bus on Monday, May 7th to Benson HS to practice with other elementary band students from this area of the district. A permission slip is required for this field trip and was sent home with selected students in early April. Please CLICK HERE to download a copy of the permission slip.

The Benson/Central Area Concert Performance is on Monday, May 7th in the Benson HS Gymnasium. Please note that if your band student attends the area concert practice in the afternoon, they are expected to attend the concert performance that same evening- we need everyone's participation to make this performance a success!  Participating students should arrive at 7:00 pm. The concert begins at 7:30 pm. Chorus, band and strings will all perform on this concert. The concert should be over around 8:15-8:30 pm. Family and friends are encouraged to attend- cost for admission is $2.00 per adult. Tickets can be purchased at the door that evening or you can send money with your student to school to purchase them from me.

 The selected students will perform the four pieces of sheet music we have been working on this quarter. This music is generally longer in length but much more fun to play than the shorter tunes in the Sound Innovations book. Below are some reminders about the sheet music: 

*Sheet music is very expensive- students should not lose or damage the music! OPS has purchased one copy of the sheet music for each Harrison Band student. The expectation is that all sheet music be returned before the end of the school year. Please know that parents/guardians will need to pay to replace sheet music that is lost or damaged so it cannot be used again in future school years.

*All Harrison Band students will continue to learn this fun sheet music throughout the 4th quarter. Students who demonstrate they can proficiently play the sheet music and exhibit the behavior expected from a responsible band student will be invited to participate in the Benson/Central Area Concert on Monday May 7th, 2018 in the Benson HS Gymnasium. This concert will begin at 7:30 pm- participating students should plan to arrive at 7:00 pm. More information will be sent home in April about this concert. 

*Students can practice the sheet music using the recordings at the very bottom of this webpage under the Sheet Music Recordings tab. Note that there are slow tempo, medium tempo and fast tempo recordings for most music.

 In order for students - beginning and advanced students alike - to borrow this sheet music, a Permission to Use Sheet Music form must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned. This form must be returned before any sheet music can be loaned to any band student. CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Permission to Use Sheet Music form.   

Practice is an essential component to building any skill. Learning to play a band instrument is no exception. Beginning band students should be practicing about 10-15 minutes a day (total of about 60-80 minutes per week). Advanced band students should be practicing about 15-20 minutes a day (total of about 80-100 minutes per week). Students should keep track of their practice time on the band calendar. The next practice check is scheduled for Friday, April 27th. 

Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you have about band lessons.

-Mr. Cosby


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Tom Cosby:

Phone #: 402-659-2618

School #: 402-554-8535

Email: thomas.cosby@ops.org 

Band Lessons at Harrison

Welcome to my webpage! I am excited you have chosen to visit and learn more about band lessons at Harrison... please feel free to explore this webpage to find our more about band lessons. The overview of band lessons document at the bottom of the page explains in detail the concepts that are taught at Harrison in elementary band lessons.

The calendar to the right shows the days there are band lessons at Harrison. Please refer back to it often as I typically update the calendar at the beginning of each month.

If you have any questions, concerns or you are just curious about your child's musical experience in band lessons, feel free to contact me at any time! My contact information is just below...

Mr. Cosby

Harrison Elementary Band Lesson Schedule

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Harrison Band Documents

 Title Description
Band Registration FormDownloadStudent who would like to be in band should return this form as soon as possible! Information about renting or purchasing an instrument is also on this form.
Overview of Band LessonsDownloadThis document describes the basic concepts that are taught in the elementary band program at Harrison.
Band Calendar- April/MayDownloadThis calendar will help students remember when to bring their instrument to school for band lessons. Please post this calendar in your home to help your child remember! Students will also keep track of their practice time on this calendar.
Information about the REMIND appDownloadThis letter explains all the details you need to know to use the REMIND app to receive email or text message reminders about band lesson days.
The Principals Own Achievement ProgramDownloadThis document explains the achievement program and how students move forward in rank as they learn more skills on their instruments. There are also bonus achievements that can be learned (outlined on the 2nd page).
Rank Advancement Chart- BeginnersDownloadThis is the chart beginning students will use to keep track of their rank advancements and bonus achievements for the Principal's Own Achievement Program.
Rank Advancement Chart- AdvancedDownloadThis is the chart advanced students will use to keep track of their rank advancements and bonus achievements for the Principal's Own Achievement Program.
1st Quarter Band NotesDownloadThis letter is to keep parents/guardians informed about band lessons. Information about conferences and the Winter Program is included in this letter.
2nd Quarter Band NotesDownloadThis letter informs parents about the sheet music we will be loaning to students for their use during 3rd quarter. Please sign and return as soon as possible!
3rd Quarter Band NotesDownloadThis letter informs parents about new sheet music policies, upcoming performances and much more...