Harrison Band Announcements

UPDATE: "Band Rocks" t-shirts have been ordered!  (Order forms for these t-shirts were given to students on Thursday, Jan. 24th.) I should know the exact price for each shirt in the next week or so- information about the exact money owed for shirts will be sent home with students who ordered them.

5th grade band students are continuing their work on their sheet music! This sheet music won't take the place of working out of the Sound Innovations book, but will supplement the concepts we are learning in a fun and interesting way. This music will also be performed toward the end of the school year at the Northwest Area Concert on Monday, May 6th at Benson HS. More information will be send home at a later date about the area concert, but for now each student needs to turn in their Sheet Music Permission Form- this form was sent home with band students on January 30th- CLICK HERE if you need to download another copy of this form. Please know that sheet music can NOT be given to students until the permission form is signed by a parent or guardian. Band students are working Attack of the Slide Trombones, Anasazi, Academic Festival Overture and Power Rock

6th grade band students are so close to finishing Sound Innovations, book 1... this means it is time for 6th grade students to purchase Sound Innovations, book 2.  It looks exactly like book 1 but has a red wave across the front instead of a blue wave. We plan on starting book 2 in early March- please purchase it at a local music store or online by this time. 6th graders are also working on solos/small ensembles as they prepare for several performances in April and May.

With all of the above things to learn, 5th grade band students should be practicing at home at least 15 minutes each day and 6th grade band students should be practicing at home at least 25 minutes each day. The next practice check day is scheduled for Tuesday, March 5th. This means the instrument needs to go home after band lesson days and come back to school again on the next band lesson day. Harrison provides shelves in the entryway leading to the stage for band instrument storage during the school day. Band students should place their instruments on these shelves (smaller instruments on the high shelves/larger on the lower shelves) and NOT in their classrooms. All band students should also make sure to bring their book (Sound Innovations), a pencil, and their band folder every day.   

Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you have about band lessons- my contact information is on the left below these announcements.

~Mr. Cosby 

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Band Lessons at Harrison

Welcome to my webpage! I am excited you have chosen to visit and learn more about band lessons at Harrison... please feel free to explore this webpage to find our more about band lessons. The overview of band lessons document at the bottom of the page explains in detail the concepts that are taught at Harrison in elementary band lessons.

The calendar to the right shows the days there are band lessons at Harrison. Please refer back to it often as I typically update the calendar at the beginning of each month.

If you have any questions, concerns or you are just curious about your child's musical experience in band lessons, feel free to contact me at any time! My contact information is just below...

Mr. Cosby

Harrison Elementary Band Lesson Schedule

Harrison Band Documents

 Title Description
Band Registration FormDownloadStudent who would like to be in band should return this form as soon as possible! Information about renting or purchasing an instrument is also on this form.
Overview of Band LessonsDownloadThis document describes the basic concepts that are taught in the elementary band program at Harrison.
Band Schedule/CalendarDownloadThis calendar will help students remember when to bring their instruments to school for band lessons. Students will also keep track of their practice time on this calendar.
REMIND InvitationDownloadThis letter explains how to receive text and/or email messages to help you and your students remember when to bring their band instrument to school. This is the best way to never forget your instrument at home!
Band Rocks t-shirt order formDownloadThis order form explains everything you need to know about the Band Rocks t-shirts. Please return all forms by Monday, Feb. 4th.
1st Quarter Band NotesDownloadThis letter gives details about everything we have been doing in band during the 1st quarter as well as details about upcoming events. Parents/guardians should sign the 2nd page and return with their student asap!
2nd Quarter Band NotesDownloadThis letter outlines the field trip we will take at the very beginning of February. Please sign and return the permission slip asap.
3rd Quarter Band NotesDownloadThis letter explains about the sheet music we will be working on during 3rd quarter. Please sign and return the permission form asap!

5th Grade- What to Practice at Home


Woodwinds & Brass

  1. Breathing/Sizzle Exercises (use metronome)- 1 minute.
  2. Assemble Instrument/quality sound on entire instrument (use metronome)- 1-2 minutes.
  3. WARM-UP: Band Warm-up Version 2.0 - 2-4 minutes.
  4. REVIEW: Sound Innovations book, pg. 14 & 15 (use metronome)- 5-7 minutes.
  5. FOCUS: Sound Innovations book, pg. 16 (use metronome)- 5-7 minutes. Pay attention: what is an interval? Can you count and call all the rhythms on page 15? What is a crescendo and decrescendo? Use your flash cards if you are struggling reading the notes!
  6. SHEET MUSIC: Attack of the Slide Trombones (beg-17); AnasaziPower Rock (beg-29) and Academic Festival Overture (beg-17).
  7. RANK ADVANCEMENT: Where are you at for rank advancement? Find your chart and make sure to practice whatever song you need to move forward in rank. 2-4 minutes.
  8. WRITTEN ACTIVITIES: no written work at this time.
  9. Clean instrument/put instrument safely away in case- 1 minute

          TOTAL PRACTICE TIME = 17-25 minutes.


     1. Stretching (prepare to play) - 1 minute.

    2.  Assemble Instrument - 1 minute.

    3.  Basic Bell Practice (see pg. 12 in packet- use metronome) - 6 minutes.

  1. 4.   Snare Drum Stroke Practice on pad (see pg. 4-5 of packet- use metronome) -2 minutes.

    5.    Snare Drum Rudiment Practice on pad (Band Warm-up Version 2.0- use metronome) -4 minutes.

    6.    Bell Note Reading Practice: (Band Warm-up Version 2.0 for mallets)  4 minutes.

    7.    REVIEW: Sound Innovations book, pg. 14 & 15- (use metronome) for bells and percussion - 5 minutes.

    8.    FOCUS- Sound Innovations pg. 16  (use metronome) for bells and percussion -5 minutes. Pay attention: what is a flam accent? what is a paradiddle? Did you remember to dampen your sound during the rests on bells? What is an interval, crescendo and decrescendo? Can you play the new notes on pg. 16? Use your flashcards if you are struggling with reading the new notes on bells!

    9. SHEET MUSIC: Attack of the Slide Trombones (beg-17); AnasaziPower Rock (beg-29) and Academic Festival Overture (beg-17).

    10. RANK ADVANCEMENT: Where are you at for rank advancement? Find your chart and make sure to practice whatever song you need to move forward in rank. 2-4 minutes.

    11. WRITTEN ACTIVITIES: no written work at this time.

    12. Stretching (relaxation of muscles) - 1 minute.

    13. Put instrument safely away in case - 1 minute.





1.    WARM-UP: Quarter 3 Warm-up Sheet, all (use metronome)- 3-5 minutes.

2.    REVIEW: Sound Innovations Book: pg. 34-36- 5 minutes.

3.    FOCUS: Solos that you chose in class last week. Please work hard on these to learn notes and rhythms- we will be spending more time in class working on them next week.

4.    SHEET MUSIC: The Victor's March (Michigan Fight Song), No Place Like Nebraska (Husker Fight Song), Star Spangled Banner (National Anthem)  & pg. 41/42 in your book, Power Rock, Academic Festival Overture-  5-8 minutes, please pick only 2-3 pieces of sheet music each day to practice.

5.    FUN: Smoke on the Water/Iron Man/Olympic Fanfare/Lets Go Band (see handout)- 2-4 minutes.

6.    REMINDER: Please find your rank advancement chart and take a look at where you are at... practice whatever song you need to complete in order to move forward in rank!

 7. Written Activities: no written activities at this time.

  8.  Put instrument safely away in case- 1 minute.