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    My name is Mrs. Barber and I am extremely excited to be the 6th-grade teacher at Harrison this year!  I have been teaching for OPS since 1999 and have taught at two Middle Schools, two High Schools teaching Summer School, two Elementary Schools, Night School at the TAC building and Saturday School teaching ESL students.  I took three majors in college which were Elementary Education, Special Education and Early Childhood Education with a strong emphasis in Child Psychology. I graduated with the honor of Cum Laude from College of St. Mary in 1998.  Before embarking in the field of Education, I was a medical/surgical assistant for a prominent Dermatologist in Omaha. 

     I am married and have 2 sons, Dyllon and Brandon who are 27 and 31 years old.  My oldest son teaches math for OPS and my youngest son is involved in Real Estate in Texas. I am very proud of my two wonderful guys! 

     I love animals and have 3 wonderful fur babies who are Coco the Doberman, Sammy the Doberman, and Mitzee the Dachshund. 

     I am currently working on graduate courses in Math through OPS's Iteam and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  One should never stop learning! 


8:40-8:50- Bellwork

8:55-9:45-Specials  9:50-10:40 Art Special on Day 6

9:50-10:50- Writing

10:50-12:15 Reading Block One

12:15-12:50- Lunch/Recess

1:00-2:30- Math Block

2:30-3:00- Reading Block Two

3:00-3:15- Second Recess

3:15-4:00-Science/Social Studies



Days 1, 3, 6- Library

Days 2, 7 Art (Art on Day 6 at 9:50-10:40)

Days 4, 9- PE

Days 5, 10- Music

Day 8- Guidance