Welcome to 6th grade!

          My name is Mr. Trey Stuthman and this will be my second year of teaching 6th grade at Harrison Elementary! Last year I became heavily involved in the Kids Club program after school and the musical, 101 Dalmatians. I'm excited to be involved with both of those again this year. Mrs. Barber and I are thrilled to be able to departmentalize 6th grade this year, meaning the students will share both teachers equally. I will be teaching Math, Writing and Social Studies, while Mrs. Barber will be teaching Reading, Science and monitor Study Hall. As this will be a new model for most parents, if you have questions about a subject, please email that specific teacher directly. General questions can still be directed towards the homeroom teacher. Below I have provided the schedule for my homeroom students as to what their day will look like. I'm excited to have another successful year and to enable all students to reach their full potential in everything they do!