Harrison Elementary

Harrison Elementary School is located at 5304 Hamilton Street in Omaha, NE. The diverse student population is served in kindergarten through sixth grade. Resource programs in special education, gifted and talented education, English as a Second Language, and guidance and counseling are available to support the regular classroom program.Harrison has a tradition of excellence within the community. Harrison also has an active, involved, parent-teacher association and several generous community business partners who contribute expertise, material and financial support to the students and educational programs. Parents are encouraged to become involved in the PTA and various school events throughout the year. The Harrison staff, parents, and community work together to ensure every student's academic success.


Room Numbers

Kdg Anna Rivedal Rm 129 & Tara Wilcox Rm 130

1st Nicole Quackenbush Rm 126 & Callen Borgstadt Rm 125

2nd Lisa Lenz Rm 123 & Theresa Portis Rm 121

3rd Careena Larrabee Rm 211 & Sherry Brodkey Rm 213

4th Callen Goodrich Rm 205 & Carrie Copenharve Rm 209

5th Robin Owen Rm 204 & Oliver Cruz Rm 202

6th Deborah Barber Rm 203 & Trey Stuthman Rm 208

BSP Rachael Weber Rm 122 

Guidance Dani Herzog Rm 120

Lunch Schedule

Kdg 11:40-12:00

1st  12:05-12:25

2nd 12:10-12:30

3rd 11:50-12:10

4th 11:45-12:05

5th 12:20-12:40

6th 12:30-12:50

BSP Varies